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midleton precast concrete wall capsMidleton Precast Concrete Wall Caps

Since the 1970s, we have been providing wall caps to the construction industry in Cork and throughout the South West and we can offer one of the widest ranges of Precast Concrete Wall Caps on the Irish market. We'll deliver direct to site, in a short timeframe, and to take enquiries for small quantities too.



 Midleton Precast Concrete Wall Caps

Precast concrete wall caps are a cost effective way to add a finishing touch to any boundary wall. They will protect mortar from water-staining and frost damage and direct rain water away from the rendered face of the wall. Proper installation of wall caps can also help to prevent moisture penetration into cavity walls.

Wall Capping is one of our core products here in Midleton Precast, give us a call today and let us help you to get what you need.


Wall Caps Specification

Midleton Precast Concrete normally recommends that wall caps sit proud of both wall faces by up to 75mm, depending on the wall’s purpose, thickness and the materials used. With this in mind the width of the selected wall caps is very important.

Precast Concrete Wall Caps can finish flush with the surface of the wall in certain circumstances. Caps of this type generally do not feature a water drip, whereas most others do. Please confirm the specification of this critical design feature with our technical team.

Midleton Precast Concrete recommends that you refer to Eurocode 6 for technical design guidance.


FEATHER EDGE WALL CAPPING sheds surface water in one direction. Their uses include parapet walls where water needs to be directed towards a balcony or flat roof for drainage purposes. In this style we can offer the greatest number of dimensional options, and the greatest number of corner units, both internal and external.

Midleton Precast Concrete Flat Wall Caps

SADDLE BACK WALL CAPPING sheds surface water in two directions. It's most often used on boundary walls along with pier caps matched to the same style. Internal and external corner units are less common for this type of capping, so we usually supply these for use in straight runs.

FLAT TOP WALL CAPPING is popular in modern construction because it is particularly compatible with modern minimalist styles. Flat precast concrete wall caps are versatile, with internal and external corner units being the same. They are ideal for use where surface-fixed railings are required and their function can double as a bench when they are used on low-level walls.

Midleton Precast Concrete Wall Caps

CHAMFERED WALL CAPPING can be used in a wide range of standard and off standard of applications, but are often used to match deep capping stones in heritage areas. Their flat top profiles serves to provide an ideal surface for fixing steel railings.

ROUND TOP WALL CAPPING and other unusual designs are used in a wide variety of design applications. Midleton Precast Concrete carries a  range of these round topped precast concrete wall caps and customers are advised to contact our sales department for drawings and advice.


Vandal-proof Wall Caps

Midleton Precast Concrete Vandal-Proof Wall Caps

At Midleton Precast Concrete we also offer vandal proof wall caps. These wall caps feature an integrated expanded metal mesh which is laid flat against the wall face before rendering and the render coat is applied over the mesh. This will give a strong bond between the wall cap and wall and will make it difficult to unseat the wall caps.




Midleton Precast Concrete Pier Caps

Midleton Precast Concrete has extensive experience in manufacturing Precast Concrete Pier Caps and we have built up an wide range of standard pier caps to choose from.


Midleton Precast Concrete Pier Caps

Precast Concrete Pier Caps finish off and protect piers and gate posts. They defend mortar and masonry from penetration be rainwater and from frost damage by deflecting rain water from running down the face of the pier. They should ideally be chosen to suit the architectural style of the property by matching or complimenting the design of the wall caps and window sills.


Wide Range of Profiles Available

Midleton Precast Concrete Pier Caps

  • Standard pier caps – Contact us to find out more about stock designs
  • Contemporary designs – We offer a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes
  • Cost effective protection – Water drip channels shed rain water and prevent staining of the pillar
  • Applications – Use in residential areas or commercial properties to create a distinctive look.

Midleton Precast Concrete’s Sales team will assist you in choice and specification



Concrete Pier caps should normally project up to 75mm from the faces of a pier. These pier caps normally shed water in four directions and come complete with water drip channels in order to protect the pier from erosion by the elements. If you like, we would be happy to advise you at the time of ordering, so as to ensure these details are correct.

Standard Apex Pier Caps feature a front face of between 50mm and 150mm. We can also provide a range of ball finials as a decorative option on the apex pier cap style.

Rectangular pier caps feature a ridge, similar to a saddle back wall cap, with a sloped finish at each end. This type of pillar cap is often used on boundary walls which are visible to the public.

Circular, Regency and Classical style pier caps can also be provided. Our experienced and professional technical team is on hand to offer advice and guidance, where necessary.


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